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New Shout Box + New Update

Hi, I put new shout box on the website. Now you need to register in order to post, the registration is simple though. You just need to choose a user name and a password, and that's it.

Note: the registration for the shout box is different than the registration for the forum. So even if you already register in the forum, you still need to register for the Shout Box

New files added:

  • Death Note episode 36 and 37 (Ended) - Death Note will be moved to the Completed Anime section
  • Bleach episode 130, 131, 132, and 133
  • 300 DVDrip
  • Paprika DVDRip
  • The Last Mimzy DVDRip



Today my apartment had a fire on the 6th floor (I'm at the 4th), 6th and 7th floor burned up, many explosions occurred during the fire. It lasted for 3 hours. Smokes are everywhere. I'm out at a hotel now. The apartment has 12 floors, so I'm afraid there'll be a chance of the building collapse... Do you know how long it'll take for it to happen if it would?

I'm a mess now so I'll check back later. Please let me know if you heard or encountered a fire. Just comment here or email me is fine. Thanks a lot


Recently I received a lot e-mails asking about donation, so I put up the donation button on the site. I think if there's enough donation, I can get a premium account on Megaupload and upload more stuffs. The normal Megaupload account only allows me to upload 50GB per account, so far I made 4 accounts already (The premium account allows 200GB storage per account). Plus, with a premium account, I don't need to manually keep the files alive which will save a lot of time. Anyway, it's not a must, we still do fine without a premium one, so ^^

Oh, a note though, if you feel like donate to the site, feel free to do so, but I must say first that donators won't have any privilege cause it wouldn't be fair for other members who can't donate. And the purpose of this site is to share for free. So please don't ask for privileges, even though I will put your name in the Donators list so other members can see who donated.

Here are new files added today:

Direct Download:
  • Death Note episode 36 (1 more episode till this anime is completed)
  • On-going Anime - Bleach episode 128, 129, and 130
  • On-going Anime - Naruto Shippuuden episode 16, 17, and 18
  • Completed Anime - Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy) - All 26 episodes - Completed
  • Completed Anime - Grave of the Fireflies Anime Movie
  • Completed Anime - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Anime Movie (really good movie, it won the Best Animated Film in the ANIMA'T category at the thirty-ninth Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia. It won the Animation Grand Award, given to the year's most entertaining animated film, at the prestigious sixty-first Annual Mainichi Film Awards. It was also awarded the first annual Animation of the Year prize at the thirtieth Japan Academy Prize. It was nominated for, but did not win, the twenty-seventh Japan SF Grand Prize.It received the grand prize in the animation division in the Japan Media Arts Plaza in 2006. At the sixth annual Tokyo International Anime Fair, which opened on March 22, 2007, TokiKake was recognized as "Animation of the Year." It won the Special Distinction for Feature Film at France's thirty-first Annecy International Animated Film Festival on June 16, 2007)
  • Epic Movie DVDRip
  • The Pianist DVDRip
  • The Usual Suspects DVDRip
To be continue


Hi, I'm back with the new update for the site, hehe. I still have exams, projects, and assignments, I'll try my best to give you guys the latest episodes and DVDRip movies. But please be patient when I can't

New updates:
Direct Download
  • Death Note episode 29 to 35 (latest)
  • Death Note episode 32 to 35 (latest) .rmvb files
  • Bleach episode 127
  • Kill Bill OST - as Percy's quest



I thought I posted an update, but I didn't, silly me. I'm really sorry, hic.

Okie, here's the update:
  • Direct Download - Death Note episode 32 .avi version (5 more episodes till this series is completed)
  • Anime - Naruto Shippuuden episode 14 and 15 - Thanks to Dave
  • Anime - D.Gray Man episode 30 and 31 - Thanks to KFM
  • Anime - Bleach episode 126